Electric Spare Parts

AC Switchbox Installation350200550
Switchboard Installation (Switchboard)50200250
Switchboard Repair (1 Switchboard )
Switch / Socket Replacement80200280
Ceiling Fan Regulator Replacement
Decorative Ceiling fan Installion
Fan Installation150200350
Fan Repair200200400
Fan Replacement190200390
Fan Uninstallation100200300
Room Heater Repair300200500
Bulbs Installation ( Up to 5 Bulbs)-200200400
Bulbs Holder Installation100200300
Decorative Wall Light / Ceiling Light150200350
Tube light Bed Lamp100200300
Replace CFL to LED150200350
Chandelier Installation (Up to 6 Bulbs)450200650
Chandelier Installation (More than 6 Bulbs )9002001100
3 Phase Changeover Switch Installation350200550
Fuse Replacement100200300
Single Pole MCB Installation100200300
Sub Meter Installation300200500
Single Battery Inverter Installation400200600
Double Battery Inviter Installation500200700
Inverter Fuse Repair200200400
Inverter Servicing250200450
Stabilizer Installation150200350
TV Installation (up to 48 Inches )420200420
Tv Installation (Above 48 Inches )500200700
Tv installation170200370
Mini Home Theater Installation250200450
Stabilizer installation150200350
New internal Wring Per 5m)200200400
New Casing Wiring (per 5M)220200420
New Wiring Without Casing ( per 5M)100200300
Door Bell Installation70200270
Door Bell Repair70200270
Looking For Some Thing Else ?100200300